Organizational Development

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Bonnie, Carolina, Christina

Purpose of this Group:  Keep our processes effective and dynamic in order to carry out Ci2iGlobal’s mission. We will do this by continuing to monitor and improve our internal and external processes so we keep our focus on a) impact and values b) using our time effectively; c) Integrating new partners and associates.  This may also involve identifying efforts that all working groups would benefit from. We will try to model a collaborative and co-creative approach.

Task Force work plan – being updated

To do list:

- Clarify roles of partners, associates and practitioners

- Review and enhance orientation process

- Look at how we can better integrate our values into our processes

- Help to suggest ways that Ci2iGlobal’s institutional memory can be actively used

- Identify efforts/processes that all working groups would benefit from

- Look at other emergent groups for lessons that may be useful to Ci2iGlobal

- Look at how legal and financial options chosen may play out in