Open Space – Session 3

Red Umbrellas - “CoCreate Adelaide is NOT an event”

on strategies for community building / empowering distributed action, and CoCreate as a potential model.

This conversation didn’t happen at assigned time but some of us are following up personally after Ci2i.

Always happy to discuss @jsbaxter_


*Overall consensus was that there are very few actual “co-creative” technologies available, but that there a a plethora of technologies that can support co-creative work

·     Co-Creation/ Collaborative/working together/co-creating materials – Google docs, Hackpad (limited features, create a heading, text or comment on a document), Blackbaud, Adobe Connect (?), Open Ideo; trying to come up with solutions to problems, old school forums like but they are largely out of favor these days, Edgeryders is another example of an online forum, Wikis are great, Github which is an open source code repository, Yammer

·      Mapping – Open Street Map, Ushahidi, (started by a lunatic fringe guy but allows layer by layer edition to maps but its genius), Googlemaps

·      Connecting and Communicating– Twitter, Facebook, Email, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp (text for free online), Viber, MixIt (Whatapp for non-smart phones, so called ‘feature phones’ as are prevalent in Africa etc), Email, fax, phone, Video conferencing (Skype, Google Hangout, OoVoo), Text. And of course, the very low tech face to face which is critical,Apple messenger, Listservs, Websites

·      Educating/Publicizing – Film/video, Googleads, Websites

·      Organizing technologies/project management – Basecamp, Asana, Podio

·      Fundraising – Startsomegood (focused on social change founded by Tom who is one of this conference attendees), Kickstarter (creative and consumer products, usually 15,000 projects at once, 56% of the projects don’t receive their goal), Indigogo (only 9% of the projects get successfully funded), GlobalGiving, GivingGlobal, Razoo (charities only), Crowdrise (outsourcing work), cell phone banking (EasyMoney)

·      Crowdsourcing talent – 99 design (where 99 designers will take a whack at it), TaskRabbit (outsourcing tasks)

Waterfall – Time and Co-creation

How does time relate to co-creation?

Some projects seem co-creative at a particular stage but not at others. Early stages might be highly creative in small groups, but moving to scale decreases the co-creative element.

It seems to not just be time, but what slice. Some are very ongoing co-creative, like the events that Edgeryders does have a specific time, the website is ongoing.

Some distinction between the how and the what. Like Christina’s career has several examples of a co-creative process – figuring it out together. Edgeryders has a clear process and governance, but the output is co-creative – the what.

Meeting Room: How to Create the Conditions for More CoCreation to Happen – Nadia

Cafe – Digital Influences and CoCreation in a Steady State Economy – Eimhin