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<h1>Offerings</h1> Video advocacy expertise Social media advice and strategy (Tom) User experience and e-commerce design (Nadia) Facilitation and design Can connect to the Australian changemaker community (Tom) Help vet other smaller initiatives Understanding of Latin American social innovation/phenomena/ecosystem/developing (Giancarlo) Can put you in touch with a wide range of people in South Africa (Irma) Appropriate connection or connectivity across local and networked context Ecological system perspectives (John) Access to different academic actors (ecosystems) (Giancarlo) Training on women’s issues and organizing women (Lian) Provide feedback in development context (Hester) Capacity building and time Facilitates governance structure in fieldwork (Bitlab) Vision/Goals to How To (Identify, Articulate, Challenges to be aware of, etc…) (Bonnie) Strategies for Building Community Training on Community Management Retreat design and facilitation Process design soundboard (Irma) Multinational facilitation and group process Co-creative group processes; hosting practices A mix of creative and human centered thinking and acting (Giancarlo) Creativity Financial/legal modeling (type of structure; location jurisdiction; how much to raise) Conceptualizing and brainstorming around new structures, approaches and their application Calmness in stressful moments (Carolina) Scaling, especially internationally, especially how to (Bonnie) Scaling social models (Carolina) Make your efforts more visible (if it is generative economy and contributes to a thrivable world) (Irma) Mentorship from people with experiences in building businesses (Nadia) Co-facilitate a course to develop foundational skills in designing and facilitating co-creative group processes (Doug) <strong>NEED:</strong> Help with networking towards prospective clients for Edgeryder Services (Nadia) Content creation Curation in event building Can offer resources, exercise and tools to support the design and facilitation of small to large group processes (Doug) Resource mobilization in HR, finance, and knowledge (Bitlap) Can help develop fundraising campaigns (Tom) Fundraising expertise Process innovation in both rural and urban issues (Bitlap) Knowledge sharing Building effective online collaboration and co-creative processes with existing platform to use for those who need it (Nadia) Articulation, story creation, identifying narrative compatibility Bring structure in any documentation (Hester) Online media experience – what to produce, how to present it, where to distribute it, how long should it be for purpose, who to get involved Social media engagement (Nadia) Training smaller initiatives to go public (internet/computer)

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