Early planning



Intended Impact

  • Personal: Fellowship
    • f2f bonds
    • co-creative practice
    • intense fun & learning together
  • Field: Knowledge Sharing
    • Foundational body of kick-ass case studies
    • Co-creative analysis of what really makes co-creation sing for social impact and innovation
    • Spread power and importance of co-creation
    • Education – co-creative engaged learning
  • Ci2i Global: Organizational Development
    • ci2i partner/associate meetings (before & after event)
    • lab proposals for co-creative professional support

 Benchmarks to achieve

  • 3-5 from Ci2i Global partners
    • 4 partner case studies so far
  • 7  others
    • 12 case studies submitted as of 18 Nov + more pending
  • 50 participants 

    • 6 Ci2i Global hosts (Christina, Jean, Carolina, Bonnie, Kathryn, Irma)
    • 7 presenters
    • 17 residential participants
    • 20 non-residential participants
  • 50 registered practitioners
  • Online record/lab archive to build learning resources upon
    (see new Working group on Knowledge development)

    • Pre-published case study presentations
    • Interactive session notes capture
    • Multiparty Twitter feed

This Working Group’s Tasks

  • activity / facilitation planning (Can we have a separate process/working group around this?)
    • 2-3 days Pre & 2 days post Lean/Share Lab (Ci2i builders time)
    • 2.5 day Lab plan

RACI for Ci2i group decision-making

  • Responsible: Christina
  • Accountable: Christina, Irma, Kathryn
  • Consulted: Jean, Bonnie, Carolina
  • Informed: Christelle, Nathalie


  • 18 November – case study proposal deadline
  • 20 November – Ci2i call for case study decisions
  • crowdfunding campaign: 5 Dec – 5 Jan or 9 Dec – 9 Jan
  • registration to open alongside crowdfunding campaign

Consultation/input requested

For the Ci2i Global call on

Wed 27 November

  • Case study decisions – see matrix analysis at  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UGKA35rML6oDsu4Pe0fhue1Cp9e7UPmVc_mH08YBfwk/edit?usp=sharing
  • Catalyzers to approach w/case studies analysis
  • Response to Pam Omidyar?
  • Ashoka
  • Irma’s Foundation friend
  • who else?
  • Content production needed
    • Crowdfunding video ALL/Jean (naming convention for files sent to Jean?)
    • Crowdfunding template @startsomegood
    • Registration page text
    • Ticket/post-registration email
    • Data collection fields (what to ask participants as they register)

Wed 20 November


Wed. 13 November (meeting cancelled)

A. Case studies in?

B. Funding strategy

- Catalyzers concept – progress?

- Startsomegood Campaign structure (feedback from Tom on Dec campaign)

- CAMPAIGN VIDEO – message & process


Wed. 30 October

A. Review, adjust & sign off on above group info
- intended impact
- benchmark expectations
- timeline

B. Money Flows
what is at issue?
1. crowdfunding campaign target amount
2. online financial transactions – still no fiscal sponsor – no way to collect registration fees or crowdfund

what do we want the group to do/decide during the call
1. how much can each person pledge toward their cost of participating in the meetings – please fill in whatever you can pledge toward your own costs in the budget (ie can we each pledge to pay at least one budget item for ourselves?)
2. Who among us has a paypal account or appropriate entity we can use for crowdfunding & registration and/or next steps for resolving the challenge

what do we need to achieve after the call, by when?
1. know how much we will try to crowdfund for all of us + 7 presenters by 27 November
2. paypal/we pay account needed by 27 November (registration & crowdfunding to launch after thanksgiving)

C. Case study proposal invitations (Irma will guide this during the call)

what is at issue?
1. We need amazing, kick-ass case studies

what do we want the group to do/decide during the call
1. Access their database/friends lists and out loud, speak and list the person/group/organisation they think should be invited – some will know the person/org — there will be overlap
2. The person/org. is written up in Skype with initials of person who has the best relationship with them or suggested them

what do we need to achieve after the call, by when?
1. We each need to have a list of people / organizations who we will contact with an personalised email, a reason why their work is a study in co-creativity and thus this invite to enter, link to site, general info (same for all) which includes 7 case studies will be selected and we’ll help crowd fund your attendance to present your case.

D. Crowdfunding video

what is at issue?
1. We need a video in order to run a crowdfunding campaign

what do we want the group to do/decide during the call
1. How we might co-create a video

what do we need to achieve after the call, by when?
1. Video needs to be done for crowdfunding to start

resource:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_3TlIfgXqI