ci2ipartnersCi2i Global’s founding partners are a group of experienced global change agents who share a commitment to taking other changemakers to the next level.

Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience in shaping, nurturing, and influencing change in international contexts. We span four continents: South America, North America, Europe, and Asia. We have significant experience and Associates in Africa and Australia too.

We are here to co-creatively learn and share with each other – and with others like us – about how to include more of humanity’s voices in the redesign of how our world works.

Christina Jordan

oie_2155013ld2ZL9r2 (1)Chiang Mai, Thailand
Evolutionize It!
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Christina leads Ci2i on: 
Leadership Curation; Co-creative Vision and Case Study Development;
Operational Governance Systems

Christina Jordan is an American born social innovator with a passion for global/local relationship rebalancing, especially in working with the world’s most marginalized communities. She has started community impact initiatives on 3 continents, and was named the first Ashoka Fellow in East Africa in 2001 for her innovations using the internet to support community based development in Uganda. She currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she is developing a cross-cultural co-creation center concept that will launch in late 2016. Christina’s professional Joy: “I love co-creating meaningful shared memories through magical shared experiences. I enjoy a portable career as a serial social entrepreneur, that invites and enables me to keep learning from the world in order to add better value back to it.”

Jean Russell

oie_115656L2gBUPHHNormal, IL, USA
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Jean leads Ci2i on: 
Design flow/currency/game dynamics; Website & software design; Cultural infrastructure / embodiment

Jean Russell is a culture hacker, catalyst, speaker, and producer. As a guide to a thrivable world, Jean takes social innovators and business builders on tours of network culture and the new economy. She navigates clients through crucial questions for fostering innovative collaborations and productive networks. In 2013, she published, Thrivabiliity: Breaking through to a world that works through Triarchy Press. In 2010, Jean curated 70 amazing people to produce “Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch” ebook in 90 days. Jean’s professional joy: “I love seeing people feeling shiny, getting stuff done that matters, and cultivating and witnessing transformation.”

Christelle Van Ham

oie_113149rWmELI3SParis, France
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Christelle leads Ci2i on:
Business Strategy and Design; Co-created Solutions Design

Since November 2009, Christelle has been working with social entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations and public institutions to advance the field of social impact valuation and to support innovative partnerships that create societal value, limit value destruction and invent new paradigms for social change.  Well-versed in theories and methodologies from around the world, she facilitates the collaborative construction of value creation frameworks and realistic action plans that all stakeholders can own and implement.Before setting up her own venture, Christelle worked four years with Ashoka, in the United States, in France, and in Switzerland. Christelle’s professional joy: “I cross-pollinate ideas and people towards a vision for a more thrivable world. I am free to choose who I work with and what for, and I can see the changes my work brings in their organizations.”

Carolina Tocalli

oie_1122736gOTHJH4vBuenos Aires, Argentina
Social Innovation Consutant
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Carolina leads Ci2i on: 
Culture Embodiment – as our Guardian of Values

Social innovation consultant, writer and mother of three boys, Carolina advises and assists entrepreneurs, organizations and companies in leveraging their impact in Argentina, Latin America and Europe. Carolina worked in Ashoka for a decade co creating bridges between social and private sectors. Her background in Business Administration, Strategic Banking and Career Path Development, enables her to design, implement and follow up the scaling of pattern-changing social models. In 2012-13, Carolina played the role of Executive Director at FUNDACION DISCAR, where she actively helped to scale an innovative model to support the social and employment needs of people with intellectual disabilities across the Latin American region. Carolina studies and works with artistic creativity as a social vehicle, sharing her explorations and studies to connect group work thru different lenses and perspectives, for co-creating shared impact in diverse contexts. Carolina’s professional joy: “I like helping people to give their best to achieve a higher good. I am committed to nurture collaborations for collective building, exploring artistic creativity.”