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Chicago, IL, USA
Going International
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Bonnie Koenig works with non-governmental organizations developing their strategic thinking and international programs. She has worked for over 30 years with local, national and international organizations in the areas of strategic planning, organizational and program development, staff training, and other governance and management issues.Her publications include the book Going Global for the Greater Good: Succeeding as a Nonprofit in the International Community, Jossey Bass, 2004, as well as numerous articles about the operations of nonprofit organizations.Bonnie has lived and worked in Australia, China, France and Mauritania, West Africa, as well as having traveled to over 40 other countries. She will be spending some extended time in India in the coming year.  Bonnie was a founding partner of Ci2iGlobal. Since June 2011, Bonnie advises Ci2i Global on: Organizational Development;
Integration and Operations

Irma Wilson

oie_117310C1SDJrBMJohannesburg, S. Africa
Future Sharp
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Irma is a Collective Intelligence Strategist and Futurist with her finger on the Social Innovation pulse. She investigates the ways in which imagination and individual agency can be activated to create engaged global citizens. She is a whole systems design thinker and commentator with special attention on collective intelligence creation, disruptive innovation, meme design and the spread thereof.Irma has extensive experience in the Information and Communication Technologies for development on the African continent. She’s also has experience as an entrepreneur in the commercial creative arts world and was the youngest Media Director in South Africa at one of the largest South African advertising agencies.

Irma is the founder of FutureSharp, sits on the board of the South African Innovation Network & Foresight for Development. She is a collaborative researcher, event designer, interactive conversation facilitator and keynote speaker. Irma’s talents for connecting visions in practical ways and building bridges between individuals and organizations, bring an evolutionary energy to the Ci2iglobal team.

Irma is a mother of 2. She currently resides with her family in Johannesburg.

Since September 2013, Irma advises Ci2i Global on: Systems thinking and product development

Kathryn Ananda

oie_117319YL7PEK1eMelbourne, Australia
Positive Handprints
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Kathryn Ananda is on a quest to build thrivable experiences. She seeks this through the design, protyping, building and enablement of powerful, evolving & self-distuptive/agile socio/technical systems & identities.In plain English – a world that works, and thrives, by good design, through the use of great tools, and the enablement of both the individual and the collective. Kathryn is the founder of the Positive Handprints Agency, and has developed online engagement and collective intelligence gathering systems for the International Society for the Systems Sciences,, HUB Melbourne, and the Gross National Happiness institute in Bhutan. Her work uses asset-based, future-creating, generative approaches, designed to unveil the hidden opportunities and capacities for thriving in any given situation. …. Since September 2013 Kathryn advises Ci2i Global on: Web platform development & case study curation


oie_1162524nasgCA37Paris, France
Knowledge Management and Change Consultant
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Nathalie Dupuis-Hepner works as a collective intelligence consultant with corporations ready to integrate a true social and environmental sense of responsibility into their business model. She also supports not-for-profit actors and social entrepreneurs, ready to transform their organization and management in order to better leverage their collective knowledge. She facilitates innovative alliances between not-for profit, private and public actors, based on knowledge co-creation and knowledge sharing.Nathalie started her professional journey as a law professor, then joined a French multinational firm as an in-house counsel, and then became Chief Knowledge Officer with a major multinational consulting firm. Throughout the diversity of her experiences, connecting the dots for change, innovation and collective efficiency has always been her goal, her passion and her strength. …. Since Jan 2013 Nathalie advises Ci2i Global on:
Organization and management design, and ongoing solutions design improvement through knowledge sharing

Cheryl Cooper

oie_1163854Dt395bbLHebden Bridge, UK & Brussels, Belgium
Knowledge Sharing Consultant and Leadership Coach
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Offering insightful consultancy, facilitation, Masterclasses, training and coaching that make a difference, Cheryl Cooper is an expert Trainer, Facilitator & Executive Coach. She has extensive experience in making a difference in international organisations. She helps clients move beyond Knowledge Management, specialising in connecting people across organisational boundaries so that experience, expertise and business critical knowledge are visible and flowing to where they are most needed. She has worked in long term engagements with large scale organisations such as the European Commission and the British Council. From June 2011 to June 2012, Cheryl advised Ci2i Global on: Knowledge managemnt & communication strategies