Who We Are

Giancarlo Duran (Chile) and  Lian Gogali (Indonesia)

Co-creative impact practitioners from Chile & Indonesia at #cocreate14 in Thailand

Ci2i Global Partners and Associates connect an informal learning network of Co-creative Impact Practitioners that spans the planet.

We are facilitators, coaches, mentors, innovators and systems thinkers. We deploy our skills toward more inclusiveness and better integration of humanity’s wisdom in figuring out how to thrive. Weaving co-creative approaches into our work in any sector enables our professional activities to nurture our personal passions for humanity’s future.

As this exciting new field of practice emerges, co-creative impact practitioners are showing up in the world at many levels of society: as executive directors, community builders, social entrepreneurs, CSR managers, HR professionals, event designers or consultants. 

maesot cocreative dialogue


If you use (or want to use) co-creative approaches in designing or implementing positive social and societal outcomes in your work, please register with Ci2i Global to start connecting and learning more about it with us.