What We Do

Learning about co-creation means practicing co-creation. At Ci2i Global our focus is less on what we do than on how we work. The result is a professional development network that supports learning about co-creative approaches to social impact driven work, and offers opportunities to practice at being in co-creative process.


Our events convene practitioners to explore the dynamics of co-creating social change, and to strengthen their skills and confidence as co-creative catalysts. Our most recent event was a Learn/Share Lab for Co-creative Impact and Innovation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Details


Case Studies

We are curating a body of case studies to help spread the understanding and effective use of co-creative approaches to achieving social change.(Public submissions are currently closed)



Co-creation in action is manifest in the Ci2i marketplace, including campaigns, books, tools and… co-created innovations from practitioners in our network.



Co-creative archive wikis

Our long history of collaborations with each other and co-creative process experienced together means that our core group’s archive is important to who we are and what we’ve learned. See our virtual meeting wiki and working group wikis.