Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works


Thrivability: Breaking Through to a World that Works

Jean Russell’s inspiring and visionary new book begins:
“Something about thriving speaks to our inner sense of harmony, abundance, greatness, generativity, aliveness, vitality, well being, and right-placement. What would our lives and the sum of our society be like if we said they were thriving? I want that. Intensely. Coming across this word was like finding the name of my homeland. The one name that captures all the things I want for myself, my family, my community, the organizations I work with, and the world as a whole.”

The book sets out to challenge the ‘breakdown thinking’ [conThink] that focuses only on defensive reactions to the economic, social, political, and environmental crises and catastrophes we face.

In its place she proposes ‘breakthrough thinking’ [altThink]: an approach that recognizes the gritty reality but enables us to envision and co-create a world of wellbeing and health.

Part I – Perceiving – looks at the stories we tell about our world and our limited ways of perceiving it. It shows how we can look at the bigger picture, recognise our blinkers/blinders and introduces the key ideas of systems and complexity thinking in this area.

Part II – Understanding – outlines new tools for understanding ourselves and the social and data revolutions we are part of. It looks in particular at behavioural economics, human irrationality, leadership, organisational and social structures and data metrics.

Part III – Doing – sets out ways we can take action together to create the world of the possible, a thriving world, a world that works. This section focuses on creativity, game dynamics (how to gamify the tasks we need to accomplish as individuals and as a society) and the Action Spectrum – a way of understanding how we can most effectively make interventions in any situation.

The  book is peppered with references, practical questions and exercises to bring thriving to your organization and way of life.


This is genuinely a transformational book. It was written with ‘ordinary people’ and organisations in mind:

  • If you work at any level in an organisation it will help you see how you can change your approach to work, change the way that those around you think and behave and even start to change the whole ethos of your business.

  • But it’s also a book that could turn upside down the mindset and thinking of a college student, a young parent, someone approaching retirement or an elder in our society. It could be read in government, in college or in an old people’s home. It really is one of those books that could start change anywhere.

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