ci2iSliderImpactSharing our co-creative lenses

Over the years, our core team of partners and associates has been a practice lab for sharing and developing a common set of co-creative “lenses” through which we each try to approach our co-creative works in the world. Many of these have also been shared with practitioners who have convened at Ci2i Global events.


ci2iSliderLOVEOnline working group practices

In addition to our occasional international gatherings, our co-creative group learning lab process takes place primarily through regular core group calls.

Our group call format has evolved through trial and error over time to include a comfortable and nurturing set of practices that engender our long term commitment to each other’s personal and professional development This format has adapted well for other co-creative working groups (see an example here).

Additional important practices have contributed to our core group’s continued commitment to learning about and practicing at co-creative impact and innovation with each other, such as:

  • dedicated time during calls & gatherings to share about our lives, supporting each other through transitions and asking each other for assistance in our personal and professional growth.
  • bringing a “yes, and” practice to our conversations and work, building on the offerings each makes.
  • regular adjustments to the frequency of our calls, allowing time for our collaborative energies to inhale and exhale at a rhythm in sync with what we can collectively bring.
  • meeting semi-regularly in person despite our geographic distribution. We figure out a way, and try to combine these group meetings with events for local and international practitioners.