carolina's candle

Carolina shared her candle in Buenos Aires for those of us in Thailand, France, San Francisco, Bangalore and Melbourne to see during this month’s Ci2i Global core team call.

I’m currently taking an excellent online Advance Practice course in the Art of Hosting. When I came across this gem of an article about stages in emergence and team development in the course readings, it really resonated with dynamics we’ve been sensing in the Ci2i Global core team. There’s been a growing feeling among us that now was a good time for all of us to look inward, to check in on and reflect on our core group’s passion and purpose as we think about pathways forward, both individually and together.

To move into this reflective process we’ve called a series of virtual “circles” for our next few monthly group calls. For our first circle call last week, an in person circle format was adapted thru each of us lighting candles in our own locations (on 5 continents) to serve as our central connection, sharing photos of our group together, and imagining/speaking about a talking stick.

Our guiding questions for this month’s circle conversation were:

  • How is co-creativity currently manifesting in your personal professional practice?
  • Which part of working co-creatively do you feel you’ve gotten better at recently?
  • Which part of working co-creatively do you feel you need to get better at?

One person took full notes of the skype conversation for our archive, complimented by others whenever they felt the urge to write. One person listened out specifically for nuggets of wisdom, and another for rich areas we might consider discussing further at some point.

The following bits of our harvest felt especially worth sharing:

Some wisdom we’ve learned:
  • take time out for yourself to recover a sense of peace and presence.
  • when working with those who are not co-creative, witness those things you do not want to do; these people are teachers.
  • “Play is better than intellectual”
  • “Each time I honour the process, something better comes…”
  • be respectful of others processes as well – treat others like they want/need to be treated
  • a measure of strength of relationship lies in how long you can hold silences together
  • Time can be a great ally

Areas where we’re still learning:

  • not to control and not to distrust…
  • to accept time as an ally and not something we have to master and control.
  • to nurture co-creativity through mindful communication, especially framing things in terms of questions.
  • responding to our own frustration when egos get in the way
Calls for deeper sharing
  • Working with challenging people who are not co-creative but who we need to work with for one reason or another.
  • Strategies for giving up (at least some) control within a co-creative group effort
  • My story, my impact