The Ci2i Global team has been working together since 2010 toward developing a professional support eco-system for changemakers around the world who are working with co-creative methods to achieve local and global social impact and innovation. Everything on this site is an evolving labor of love. If “co-creative” can also describe the social change work you do, you’ve found a home. Please note the following opportunities to join in our fun:


are you a co-creative impact Practitioner?

If you use co-creative approaches in your social impact and innovation related work, please register with Ci2i Global to start connecting and learning with us and each other. We are co-creating events, an international practitioners directory and a unique marketplace designed to build your toolbox while it also promotes your co-creative products, campaigns and impact related initiatives.

Discuss with us!

Since #cocreate14, practitioners in co-creative impact we know are now gathering at a Ci2i Global project space on the collaborative platform at Edgeryders.eu. Please join us there to ask and share around burning questions, get to know each other, and see what resources we might co-create to support each other! There’s lots more cool stuff happening on Edgeryders that you can also become involved in. See you there!